The Westwood Homeowners Association (WHA) represents not just homeowners, but all residents and businesses in the area shown above. Condominium residents and renters are welcome to participate and join as well.

The Westwood Homeowners Association was incorporated in 1961 as a non-profit corporation that addresses issues that affect the Westwood neighborhood in Los Angeles, such as public safety, traffic abatement, and especially building development. The Association maintains a close relationship with the City of Los Angeles through its elected leaders.

WHA has a volunteer board of long-time Westwood residents that know the community. Board meetings are held monthly to discuss issues of concern to the community, and all are welcome to participate via our Zoom link.

Once a year we host an Annual Meeting where we welcome everyone to come meet your neighbors and hear about important issues affecting our community from people who are actively involved. We welcome your participation and ideas.

We invite you to become a member. Your dues support the cost of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed through outreach efforts such as this website and email updates, as well as enable us to respond to periodic requests for small contributions to our area schools and other nonprofit organizations operating within or assisting our community.

Board of Directors

Stephen Resnick

Scott Tamkin


Linda Blank
Vice President

Mary Thorndal


Antonio Braga

Paola Pederzoli Carrillo


John Heidt


Jack Hileman


Eloise Lopez Metcalfe