The Board of Directors of the Westwood Homeowners Association is proud to announce that in April 2020 it approved the donation of $12,500 in seed funds for the creation of The WestLA The new organization was formed in March of 2020 by a group of local volunteers committed to compassionately address the serious issues associated with homelessness in West Los Angeles. The WestLA goal is to provide needed assistance to reintegrate the homeless population into society. The organization, which is modeled after a similar successful organization formed in Pacific Palisades in 2019, will be contracting with The People Concern to make available case managers that will work full-time with the homeless population in our boundary area, helping them find and receive needed services and assistance, including housing.

The WHA was the first organization show leadership and pledge funds towards this critical effort. Since WHA’s original donation, The WestLA Homeless.Org has raised over $47,000 in funds towards its target operating budget of $300.000.

The WestLA needs your donation, and every dollar counts. We ask you to contribute to the effort by donating directly to the website at: